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Mom Driving Under Influence Faces Charges


A mom was driving through the city of Pittsburgh while she was under the influence of cocaine and alcohol. Police say the woman crashed her car in to a concrete barrier along the side of the road. It was only when police arrived on the scene did she admit to using cocaine and being drunk. Police then filed criminal charges against her because she had her seven year old son and another child in the backseat of the car. Another woman was also a passenger in the vehicle but she was not identified, according to a New York Criminal Lawyer.
The children and the woman driver only had minor injuries. When police got to the scene, they discovered beer cans that were opened within the car. When questioned, she openly admitted to being drunk. The woman also questioned why she had to take a test if she admitted she was drunk. Police are considering more criminal charges against the woman in relation to endangering the children. The passenger’s state was not described and it wasn’t stated if criminal charges are being filed against her as well. This would also be the case in New York City and Staten Island.
The female driver admitted to using one line of cocaine before getting behind the wheel to drive the car. Taking drugs and being over the legal limit for alcohol can be considered a criminal offense in most states, says a New York Criminal Lawyer. Her charges were still pending and she did not have a court date set. Once she arrives in court her punishment – either fines, jail time or both – will be decided upon then.

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