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Former Political Head With DUI


He was the former head of the Grand Old Party, the GOP, the Republicans of the great state of Indiana, says a New York Criminal Defense Lawyer. Nothing happened in the state that he didn’t know about, at least not politically, and for nearly four years, between 2002 and 2006 he was the King Maker in the state of Indiana. Noted a NY Criminal Lawyer, who asked not to be named, “when he wasn’t pulling the strings of the political machine, he ran the family business.” But, not just any family business, but a family business of retail furniture stores. Twelve retail furniture stores in all, located all over Indiana and Indiana’s next door neighbor, Ohio, reports a New York Criminal Defense Lawyer

And now all of that is nothing more than a backstory as he has been arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol. It was nearly eleven o clock in at night when he was pulled over, notes a New York Criminal Defense Lawyer, and the police followed standard protocol: they gave him the breathalyzer and told him to take the field sobriety test. He failed both. He was arrested for DWI and will stand before a judge soon to answer for his alleged crime against the people of Indiana, says a NYC Criminal Lawyer. Jail time is a possibility.

Earlier this month, the man had stepped down from his post as head of the regional furniture giant. Perhaps he spent the rest of the month drinking.

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