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Four-Year-Old Girl Found Dead in Brooklyn Apartment, New York Criminal Lawyer Reports


A four-year-old girl, who had suffered from malnutrition, was found dead in a filthy Brooklyn apartment, a New York Criminal Lawyer has learned. Police have found evidence she was bound to her crib.
The girl weighed only fifteen pounds and had bruises and marks on her ankles that suggested she had been tied down with twine. Police are still investigating the cause of death, which may have been neglect, or may have just been the tragic ending of the life of a young girl who had spent most of her life in hospitals.
When responding to a 911 call from the home, police found the child on the mother’s bed. Inside the dirty room was a bed for the girl, with two lengths of twine attached to the rails on each end, police sources told a New York Criminal Lawyer.
“There were marks on each of the child’s ankles consistent with her being tied up with that twine,” a police source told a New York Criminal Lawyer. Police are unsure why the mother waited 90 minutes before making that 911 call. She said she found her daughter unresponsive at 6 a.m. but did not call 911 until 7:30 a.m. because she was performing CPR. Her two sons, ages 6 and 9, are now in the custody of the Administration for Children’s Services.
The most painful legal cases involve mistreatment of children, and once charged with such a crime, it is nearly impossible to shed that charge, even if innocent. The assistance of a New York Criminal Attorney can be very helpful in helping you clear your name. No one should suffer for something they didn’t do – a New York Criminal Attorney can help you avoid that.

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