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Cab Crashes Into Coffee Shop, Injuring Five, Reports New York Criminal Lawyer


A yellow cab smashed into an East Village coffee shop after losing control early one morning, critically injuring an elderly man, and hurting four others, police sources told a New York Criminal Lawyer.
The taxi was headed north on First Ave. when it hit a Jeep Cherokee turning from E. Third street, according to a New York Criminal Lawyer. The taxi left the street and struck two bicyclists, then went into the coffee shop, hitting a 71-year-old man who was sitting at a table by the front window.
There were also passengers in the taxi, a 30-year-old woman and her boyfriend. They had only been in the cab for less than a minute before the accident occurred. The woman hit her face on the glass divider, losing two teeth and cutting her lip.
“All I remember was that he was swerving and I put my hand in front of my face and the next thing I know I was in front of the coffee shop,” she told a New York Criminal Lawyer. The elderly man who was inside the coffee shop was taken to Bellevue to undergo surgery. Police told a New York Personal Injury Lawyer he was in critical but stable condition.
The police were told by witnesses that a red light had been run by the driver of the Jeep, and New York Criminal Lawyers were told by police that further investigations are still pending. Both drivers passed Breathalyzer tests.
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