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Girls saved from reliving horrific crash, says a Brooklyn Criminal Lawyer


Six young girls may be spared from having to give detailed account in court of the
terrible crash that took the life of one of their friends, according to a New York Criminal
Lawyer. The mom of one of the girls was driving the group to a slumber party in The
Bronx. The mom was allegedly intoxicated when she flipped the 1998 Mercury Sable that
she and the seven girls were riding in. Details of the substance or level of intoxication of
the driver were not available. The crash occurred on Henry Hudson Parkway near 96th
Street in the Upper West Side. Three of the girls were thrown from the vehicle which
resulted in the death of one, states a Brooklyn Criminal Lawyer. Witnesses reported the
driver’s daughter was screaming for her mother to slow down. She joked with the girls
telling them to raise their hands if they thought she was going to wreck the car just
before losing control. She is working with prosecutors on a plea of manslaughter, which
would have her serving from five to fifteen years in prison. According to the Assistant
District Attorney, it does not appear that there will be a trial because of the negotiations.
Family members of the girls are grateful that they will not have to testify in the
Manhattan Supreme Court and recount the dreadful incident, remarks a Brooklyn
Criminal Lawyer. The woman blew a kiss and winked at family members present in the
courtroom audience as she entered the room.

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