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Conspiracy drug deal set up by cop, reports a Bronx Criminal Lawyer


An auxiliary cop and a retired NYPD veteran have been charged with conspiracy after delivering a duffel bag of alleged cocaine packets to the Bronx. The two face a minimum sentence of ten years in prison should they be convicted. The auxiliary arranged a meeting between the veteran cop and someone he thought to be a drug dealer. The supposed drug dealer turned out to be an informant. The alleged plan was for the ex-officer to move the load from a warehouse in Long Island to a buyer located in the Bronx, FBI officials told Bronx Criminal Lawyers. It was a $12,000 transaction which the two carried out. Amid the sting operation, the NYPD vet bragged that showing his ID and shield always keeps him out of trouble with cops. He was also armed with a 9-mm handgun, and told one informant that he would be ready to shoot if necessary, according to a Bronx Criminal Lawyer. The auxiliary officer set up the exchange after boasting

that he could transport ten kilograms of coke by recruiting members of the NYPD, while the veteran officer was the muscle to carry out the plan. The retiree had been with the

NYPD for twenty years (1986-2006), and the auxiliary was from the 30th precinct in the Bronx and had been there since 2006, reports New York Criminal Lawyers. It is unclear if these officers will face any additional charges, or if there are any previous incidents in which they have been involved.

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