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Guantanamo detainee appeal denied


A Judge told a confidant that the United States Supreme Court has denied the appeal made by a detainee at Guantanamo Bay for Mohammed al-Adahi. This man is from Yemen who had been locked up without being charged. This happened in the year 2002. He was accused of Federal Crimes but not murder.

The United Supreme Court reached their decision and insisted that the accused be held in detention for an unspecified time. In other words, the Judge told the reporter that the ruling had to stand when it came to the high courts.

Do you know enough about the United States Constitution to know if this ruling is acceptable or not? In the year 2009, for example, a District Judge ordered the this Guantanamo detained be released even after the United States government accused that Al Adahi was connected to the Taliban or Al Qaeda. The District Judge told the reporter that the government failed to prove that this was the case.

The District Judge indicated, “The United States government does not have enough evidence to prove that Al Adahi trained with Al Qaeda or that he ever was involved with the Taliban.”

The Judge indicated that there is a temptation to sway in the direction of the government’s accusations, since Al Adahi did confirm that he had met Osama Bin Laden. However, this does not prove anything. According to the government, thought, Al Adahi had numerous contacts with Al Qaeda and other terrorism groups.

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