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Mars/Hilton Prosecutor Busted Buying Crack


What goes around comes around. A distinguished public official in Las Vegas Nevada, known for his glamorous prosecution of celebrities for drug violations, certainly found out first hand following his recent arrest for buying crack cocaine.

A source familiar with the high profile attorney’s legal record said the special prosecutor prosecuted Paris Hilton following her cocaine arrest a year ago. The special prosecutor was the attorney of record in the prosecution of rising star Bruno Mars on drug possession charges.

Authorities said that the special prosecutor was being investigated on allegations that he regularly bought $40 worth of coke every week from a street dealer. His arrest came as a result of being seen buying the drug on the street. The special prosecutor’s BMW was idling on a Las Vegas street where law enforcement observed a possible drug buy taking place. The arrest report said that the special prosecutor picked up an African American male at one apartment building and dropped him off at another building. Then the special prosecutor allegedly drove around before returning to the same drop off site and picked up the same man. When authorities pulled the black BMW over the suspected drug dealer fled from the passenger side of the vehicle. One officer gave chase and apprehended the suspect, a resident of Las Vegas.

The suspect informed arresting officers that he knew the special prosecutor as “Joe”. He told them further that “Joe” had been buying coke from him regularly for the past seven months to the tune of $40 per transaction four times every week, authorities told an NY Criminal Lawyer.

The special prosecutor is in a lot of trouble. His computer has been seized and he has been suspended from his prosecutor’s job with the District Attorney’s office in Las Vegas. It is not clear whether he has compromised other cases he has prosecuted for the DA. The special prosecutor may have violated the integrity of a number of cases he was handling by association with the drug task force he was running as part of his job. His immediate supervisor, DA Rogers, has revoked the special prosecutor’s badge and is seeking a replacement for the long time prosecutor as soon as practicable.

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