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Guns being recycled by gangs, says a Suffolk County Criminal Lawyer


It seems that as agencies crackdown on gun running, gangs are passing guns around
more. It once was the case for many gangs that guns would be used for a single
incident, and then discarded. But currently, authorities tell New York Criminal Lawyers
that confiscated guns are being linked to more than one crime. This leads officials to
believe that violent offenders are sharing weapons with each other, as opposed to going
out of state to buy more. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and the New York
Police Department have been working together to enforce laws against gun trafficking,
and the joint efforts appear to be yielding good results, says a Suffolk County Criminal
. Last year, the ATF recovered 5,135 guns connected with crimes. The preceding
year, that figure was 5,537. In 2007, the total was 5,914 and in 2006, it was 7,059.
Although the number of murders has increased this year, those involving guns are at
43%, which is down from the 68% of last year. Authorities tell Suffolk County Criminal
Lawyers that they feel that gang members are getting the message that there are severe
consequences including strict federal prison sentences when you are caught running
guns from another state. The NYPD and ATF are confident that their crackdowns on gun
trafficking will continue to produce positive returns to help clean up the streets. NYPD
has a stop-and-frisk initiative that is believed to be influencing the number of guns that
are recovered. Those with guns will only have it on their person for a specific amount of
time in order to accomplish whatever they intend to do, as opposed to just carrying
around all the time.

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