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Cheesy assault lands woman in jail for 25 years, according to New York Criminal Lawyer


An Australian woman was sentenced to 25 years in prison for the death of a man she
alleges she was afraid of. According to reports to New York Criminal Lawyers, the woman
was highly intoxicated and impaired when the incident occurred on June 7, 2008. The
victim and his friends apparently had been throwing cheese puffs at the woman’s car
when she ran over him. The driver had consumed two bottles of wine, as well as taking
some amphetamine drugs, in addition to smoking marijuana prior to plowing over the
young man. New York Criminal Lawyers do not have any details as to what initiated the
altercation between the parties, just that the men were slinging the snacks at the
woman’s car which she perceived, in her altered state, to be a terrifying threat. It was
not reported if the woman and the men were acquainted with one another in any way.
She claims her foot mistakenly hit the car’s accelerator in an attempt to flee the
situation. The judge presiding over the case revealed to New York Criminal Lawyers that
it was his opinion that she was trying to teach the men a lesson. He did not feel that the
woman was provoked, but just angry that the men were embarrassing her and therefore
she proceeded to end the offending assault of food. Due to the drugs and alcohol in her
system, her manner was one of hostility and reproach. There are no indications that any
of the other men sustained any injuries during the occurrence.

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