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Haircut Stabbing Results in Man Jailed


A New York Criminal Lawyer has learned that one man who was getting a haircut has stabbed another man. While this in itself may not seem terribly out of the ordinary, the result is that one New Haven, CT, man is in the hospital and another is due in court on March 22 to answer to first-degree assault charges.

For the sake of this story, so as not to mention any names, we will refer to the man getting the haircut as man A, and the other as man B. The incident began when man A was sitting in a chair at an apartment while getting a haircut. About halfway through the haircut, man B walks into the apartment. Man A and man B had been arguing earlier and man A thought that man B had come to the apartment to harm him. Before it could truly be determined whether man B had the intentions of doing man A any harm, man A slashed man B in the back with a pair of scissors.

When police arrived at the apartment, man A was taken into custody without incident. As of this writing, the local police department has not returned calls left by a Long Island Criminal Lawyer . It has been learned however, that man A is also wanted by authorities for a second-degree failure to appear warrant that was issued for a previous arrest. No information on the victim (man B) can be learned at this time. Man A had cuts on his face and back and was being treated, but expected to recover.

The really bizarre thing is that during the course of the investigation, a photo of man A’s mug shot was spotted, which the alleged suspect is sporting half of a rather large afro type hair style, while the other half of his head had already received a hair-cut.

Thus far, there is no further information available, especially as to what the initial argument was about, or whether man B had actually gone to the apartment to finish the argument.

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