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Harry Teinowitz is sorry for his DUI arrest in Illinois


ESPN radio host, Harry Teinowitz, had a few things to say before beginning a recent radio broadcast. The sports radio broadcaster issued an apology to his family, his fans, and to his employer, for his recent arrest for driving under the influence (DUI) that occurred on Friday in Skokie, IL. Upon completion of his public statement, Harry Teinowitz ducked back behind the legal blanket and stated that he would not discuss the matter any further, excepting to add, “This doesn’t define me. What happens from now defines me.”
The recent DWI was not Teinowitz’s first incident for bizarre behavior. In May of 2010, while in the White Sox clubhouse, he was apparently misbehaving and being loud to the point that the White Sox executives thought that his behavior was not appropriate for that environment. This prompted his removal from the clubhouse, which was previously reported by the New York Criminal Lawyer. This was not a permanent removal, however, as Teinowitz is still welcome to return.
This latest incident apparently occurred around midnight on Friday when local police stopped him for improper lane usage. Apparently, there were no accidents or other vehicles involved. During the course of this traffic stop, the NY Criminal Lawyer was told, the police administered an alcohol test, which they discovered Teinowitz’s blood alcohol was at .131 percent, which is well above Illinois’ limit of .08 percent. He was then arrested and charged with DUI. He was later released on $1,000 bail, without his driver’s license as it was confiscated.
Harry Teinowitz has been at his current post with WMVP since about 1998 when the sports network, ESPN, assumed control of the station. The station and ESPN, thus far, have not issued any comments concerning either the incident, or in Teinowitz’s on-air comments.
In addition to being a sports radio talk show host, Harry Teinowitz has also appeared in a few movies, such as Risky Business, Return to Me, The Package, and Up the Academy.
Harry Teinowitz’s court date is set for March 23, according to the New York Criminal Lawyer.

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