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A man and a woman were arrested by Hillsboro police department for robbing a bank. A New York Criminal Lawyer was handed a report which says the bank robbers were caught because the teller managed to slip a tracking device in with the money.

A 23 year old man and 30 year old women from Arizona were arrested and charged with bank robbery.

The bank robbers tried to obtain cash from the Sterling Savings Bank in Hillsboro. The 23 year old male entered the bank and handed a note to the teller demanding cash. According to eye witness reports, no weapons were used in the heist. If guns had been part of the heist, Gun Possession could be another charge they’d have to face. In Brooklyn and Westchester County, gun possession is a very serious crime and Brooklyn Criminal Lawyers have to be on their toes to get their clients off.

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A recent series of armed robberies in the Seattle area has ended in an arrest. Using photos from an ATM as well as eyewitness accounts, police made the arrest after spotting the suspect walking along a city street. Although the suspect initially denied the allegations, his father, mother, and stepmother, all identified him as being the subject in the ATM that was using a stolen credit card in order to withdraw cash.

The man has not been named, thus far, due to the fact that he has not been formally charged in the case. He is, however, being held on $100,000 bail, according to a New York Criminal Lawyer. Police were able to effect the arrest after his parents had identified him as being the person in the ATM when they saw him and another subject walking along a city street. He was wearing the exact same clothing as he was wearing in the ATM photo. The suspect’s friend was later released.

This is not the suspect’s first run-in with the law, reported a NY City Criminal Lawyer. Over the past year, he was a guest at the King County Jail three times, but as of the end of November, he did not have any convictions on record.

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A jealous young husband has been arrested for shooting his wife of 11 months. Lenox Ramsay, 19, waited for his estranged wife Kaidan Ramsey, 22, to leave Medgar Evers College; which is located at 1650 Bedford Ave. Brooklyn NY 11225. When she emerged from the college he chased her down Carroll Street and tried to push her into traffic. Kaiden tried to escape into a passing car but Lenox pulled her away. Good Samaritans tried to break up the fight, but Lenox pulled a loaded firearm out and fired warning shots into the air. He then turned on his wife and shot her twice. Lenox fled the scene while the police were called. He ran to Nostrand Ave., where he tried to steal an automobile but was unsuccessful. Kaiden Ramsey was taken to Kings County Hospital; located at 451 Clarkson Ave. Brooklyn NY 11203. She was listed in stabled condition. Kings County Police caught Lenox Ramsey shortly after the incident happened and arrested him. He faces both felony and misdemeanor charges including felony attempted murder, felony criminal possession of a weapon, felony assault and misdemeanor grand larceny. He was held without bail and will been seen in Kings County Criminal Court; located at 120 Schermerhorn St Brooklyn NY 11201.
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