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Hyper CNN Reporter Arrested With Meth


Richard Quest, 46, was arrested around 3:40 a.m. on a charge of possessing illegal drugs which is a misdemeanor that usually refers to a personal use amount of a drug. He was arrested near Central Park. He was loitering and acting strangely when the patrol car pulled up.

Quest admitted he had meth in his pocket. The cops detained him and a complaint was filed. The complaint stated that Quest admitted he had a bag containing methamphetamine in a pocket on his person.

Quest, who is British, is a correspondent for CNN International and is known for his reports on business travel. He hosts “CNN Business Traveler” and “Quest.”

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This seems like a case that is not all that serious, in fact, the Judge Anthony Ferrara told Quest that if he does the court directions for the next six months, his case will dismissed.

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