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If You’re Charged Like Two Marines, Call A NY Criminal Lawyer


It’s a case of murder at Fort Bragg. An Army nurse’s husband has been charged after police found her body.

Authorities in North Carolina say John Wimunc is scheduled to face a first-appearance hearing in court Tuesday along with a fellow serviceman, Marine Lance Cpl. Kyle Alden. The hearing is scheduled for 2 p.m. Tuesday in Cumberland County District Court.

It appears that the victim’s body was left at a place near Camp Lejeune. It had been there for several day according to authorities. She was dead when the body was left at the scene and police arrested the husband and Alden on Sunday night.

A Sergeant told reporters that the fire was set in the apartment but evidence was able to be pulled from the blaze as it died out.

Holley Wimunc, 24, was a nurse at Fort Bragg who worked at Womack Army Medical Center.

There were problems at home and Holley sent her children who she had with another husband to that husband’s home. This was a prelude to the murder which she must have feared.

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This is the third death of a female in the area in the last several months.

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