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Innocent Man Set Free


Every day for nearly sixteen years he sat in a tiny jail cell convinced that he was going to die. He had been charged and convicted of helping murder a family. An innocent family was beaten, bruised, battered, tied down, murdered, and finally set on fire, said a New York Criminal Lawyer. The prosecutors said that the man had helped killed a woman and her four children. Yet, the only evidence linking the man to the murders was the testimony of the man believed to have carried out the actual killings, reports a New York Criminal Lawyer.

That man later recanted his statement, professing that the newly freed man was innocent of all wrong doing. Prosecutors apparently did not care and kept him in jail. In 2006 a judge overturned his conviction, finding that there was not enough evidence. This didn’t matter to prosecutors: they retired him, said a New York Criminal Lawyer. They went forward with another trial, another attempt to put this man behind bars, another try and sentencing him to death – and they had no evidence. As such, the man is now free as the charges against him have been dropped, said a New York Criminal Lawyer.

Almost two decades of life not just gone, not just forever lost, but spent convinced that you are going to face death. Face death for a crime you never committed. That is the terrible, horrible, life changing fate he found himself facing and that is the hell he will never forget.

Murder and other capital crimes are serious. Lives are lost and freedoms stolen. If you’ve been charged with a crime contact a New York Criminal Attorney.

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