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Jamaican Drug Lord and His Brother Facing Charges Reports a Nassau County Criminal Lawyer


Jamaican Drug Lord, known as Coke has been forcing women to smuggle drugs and cocaine to him in Jamaican from New York. The government is attempting to have him extradited to face the charges against him. He hasn’t personally been in the State in years reports a Nassau County Criminal Lawyer.

In the meantime, his brother is facing charges of trafficking more than a ton of marijuana. He is free on bail and working as a security guard. Jamaican police tried to take over the area where Coke is the unknown leader. In that time, 73 people died including three police officers. Nassau County Criminal Lawyers indicate that even with all that bloodshed and death, the man known as Coke was not found.

The drug lord’s lawyers have been trying to negotiate a way for him to voluntarily surrender to the US authorities. Nassau County Criminal Lawyers indicated that according to Coke’s lawyers, he would rather take his chances with a life sentence in the States as take the same chance in a Jamaican prison. His father died mysteriously while incarcerated in Jamaica, leaving Coke with the notion that he is safer in the States.

According to Nassau County Criminal Lawyers, Jamaican authorities have arrested more than 560 people in the search for Coke. Coke is known in Jamaica as the head of the “Shower Posse” which refers to the manner in which bullets rain from the enemies in battle. New York Criminal Lawyers indicated that Jamaican forces went in search of the man despite the fact that the authorities would most likely face a gun battle.

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