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Hate Crime Killer Gets Maximum 25 Years Reports a Manhattan Criminal Lawyer

An Ecuadorian immigrant was killed and the reason for the killing was determined to be strictly a matter of hate. The man was stabbed to death. There were seven teenagers accused in the crime but only one of the seven went to trial for the 2008 killing of the immigrant. This particular attacker was believed to be the one who delivered the final blow reports a Manhattan Criminal Lawyer.

Manhattan Criminal Lawyers indicate that the 37-year-old Lucero and a friend were walking to a friend’s house when the attack occurred. The 19-year-old who received the 25 years was only 17 when the attack occurred and his father was obviously torn when he left the packed courtroom. He was overheard shouting in the hallway and banging on walls and doors.

Inside the courtroom, the 19-year-old showed no expression as he received his sentencing. Various friends and family read statements asking for mercy on the young man. However, prosecutors said the group that attack the man had made the attack a sport of hunting for vulnerable victims. Some Manhattan Criminal Lawyers report that the victim stumbled more than 300 feet before collapsing.

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