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Judge Refuses Allow Senator to Withdraw Guilty Plea Reports a Nassau County Criminal Lawyer

Former State Senator Efrain Gonzalez Jr. originally entered a guilty plea on charges of fraud and conspiracy. Now a Manhattan judges refuses to allow him to withdraw that plea. Apparently Gonzalez now says he was coerced by his lawyers to make enter the guilty plea. The judge has deemed that to be “preposterous” reports a Nassau County Criminal Lawyer.

Mr. Gonzalez, now 61, could serve seven to nine years for using thousands of dollars in state money. He was accused of using the state money to pay personal expenses including an apartment in the Dominican Republic, jewelry, Yankees tickets and his daughter’s college tuition. On May 8, 2009, he pleaded guilty stating that he had discussed this with his lawyer, a long time friend. Nassau County Criminal Lawyers report that Mr. Gonzalez indicated that he understood what he was doing and that his plea was being entered of his own free will.

Now, almost a year later, Mr. Gonzalez has asked to change his plea stating that his attorney at the time coerced him. Mr. Gonzalez told the judge that he entered the plea under “tremendous pressure” from his lawyer and was told to just answer yes as the judge questioned him. Now, the judge refuses to allow Mr. Gonzalez to change his plea indicating that his request to withdraw his plea is exactly how defendants attempt to undermine the judicial process. New York Criminal Lawyers indicate that the original lawyer in this case calls Mr. Gonzalez’s story “a near-total fabrication”.

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