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Shots Ring Out From A Rooftop Near a Crown Heights School Reports a Manhattan Criminal Lawyer

A group of youngsters wielding backpacks and teenagers were jaunting in and out of stores. Shots from a nearby rooftop took the attention of basically everyone. The residents of Crown Heights are still upset over the rooftop shootings reports a Manhattan Criminal Lawyer.

Four teenage boys were wounded and other ran for cover. The police are still searching for the potential gunman. Witnesses indicate that the shooter fired from the top of a building near Franklin Avenue. The victims were found about thirty yards away reports a Manhattan Criminal Lawyer.

Shell casings at the site of the shootings indicate that a .40-caliber handgun was used and the police do believe that the victims were the intended targets. The reason for the shootings has yet to be determined however. uckily, none of the injuries were lives threatening but authorities do think the shooting may have been gang related. New York Criminal Lawyers indicate that one of the victims was hit in the torso; another in the right buttock and left calf, a third in the ankles and the fourth was hit in the forearm

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