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Judge Tells Mel Gibson ‘You’re On Your Own’ – Don’t Be On Your Own. Consult a Long Island Criminal Lawyer


Acknowledging that “this is the most difficult time for” rehabbing actor Mel Gibson, a judge urges him to continue to go to self-help groups to battle his alcohol addiction that led to his 2006 arrest.
Gibson was informed that he has successfully finished the program he was required to completeplea and din not have to report his progress to the court. Lawrence Mira, the judge in the case, told the 52-year-old actor/director that he was free to go on with his life.
The judge told Gibson that he was on his own now in this difficult time. Mira in a hearing in LA wished Gibson luck and advised him to continue his rehabilitation.

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The actor, who was escorted into court by sheriffs deputies via a back entrance, spoke in court only to thank the judge.

Gibson was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol on July 28, 2006, by a police officer who spotted him weaving across traffic along Pacific Coast Highway near his home in the beachside community of Malibu.

The incident triggered a media frenzy when a police report showed that he had made anti-Semitic remarks to the officer who had detained him. The screen star later apologized for the rant and after entering the no-contest plea to drunk driving in August, 2006, was sentenced to three years probation, ordered to pay $1,400 in fines and attend alcohol rehabilitation.

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