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Barton Seeks Plea for Drunk Driving Bust. If You Want to Plea Do It With The Help Of a Queens Criminal Attorney.


A report says that the 22-year-old ‘O.C.’ actress who was arrested in December will plead no contest, which she hopes will get a marijuana possession charge dropped and others lessened. In the end, she’d pay a fine and attend three months of an alcohol education class.

One charge of having marijuana on ones person will be set aside and another charge of operating a vehicle without a license would be lessened to a traffic violation, according to The case will be arraigned this week and a plea is set to be entered.

Traffic cops picked up Barton, 22, when they pulled her over after observing some very erratic driving on her part. It was just before dawn in the Los Angeles area that she was stopped by police who described the vehicle as spanning both lanes of traffic.
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The actress portrayed teenage beauty Marissa Cooper on “The O.C.,” a drama about young people growing up in an affluent county south of Los Angeles. The show ended its run on U.S. television in 2006, and the actress has several film projects scheduled to land in theaters later this year.

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