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Kennedy Terror Trial Begins


Though nearly forgotten in the wake of the latest terror cases, such as the attempted Times Square car bombing and the subway bombing plot of 2009, two defendants charged with working on a plan to attack Kennedy Airport in 2007 is about to begin in Brooklyn. The role of a government informant may end up being vital to the case, sources told a New York Criminal Lawyer.
A former Kennedy baggage handler, age 66, and an engineer and former member of the Guyana parliament, age 58, are charged with conspiring to explode tanks full of jet fuel and the Buckeye Pipeline, which supplies jet fuel to airports in the area.
Prosecutors related to New York Criminal Lawyers that the conspirators sought assistance for their plot, code-named “Chicken Farm”, from a radical Islamic group in the Caribbean, in addition to looking for aid from an al-Qaida operative and terror groups with ties to Iran.
The government wanted an anonymous jury, which took two weeks to assemble. “The plotters were deadly serious about their criminal aims,” prosecutors said to New York Criminal Lawyers.
The defendants may be sentenced to life in prison if convicted on more than one conspiracy count. A third defendant, age 60, pleaded guilty to providing support materials for the plot, which carries a maximum 15-year sentence. There is a fourth defendant who is not being tried at this time due to medical problems.
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