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Lacrosse player killed by boyfriend, according to a New York City Criminal Lawyer


A star player for the Women’s Lacrosse team at the University of Virginia was found
dead by her roommate at their off-campus apartment, says a New York City Criminal Lawyer.
The roommate called police when she believed the victim had died of an alcohol
overdose. It is not certain how long the star player had been expired before she was
discovered. When they arrived, investigators immediately determined that the cause of
death was not as simple as an overdose, however the actual manner in which she dies
has not released, as any additional details are still pending. New York City Criminal Lawyers
were informed that authorities were charging the deceased’s boyfriend with her murder.
This decision came quickly into the exploration of the crime due to the couple’s
relationship. The college sweethearts both played on Lacrosse teams for the University of
Virginia, and their teams were expected to play in the NCAA Championships. They were
also seniors slated to graduate soon. New York Criminal Lawyers were not given any
information as to the motive behind the woman’s death. Her coach spoke highly of the
young lady, stating that she was the one who usually brought laughter to the team with
her shining personality. The University President commented that the Lacrosse star did
not deserve her fate, and that her death was more troubling because it came at the
hands of another student. Teammates, fellow students, teachers, and other friends and
loved ones have a long road ahead due to the forthcoming trial.

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