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Legal problems multiply for Goldman Sachs, says a NY Criminal Lawyer


Troubles for Goldman Sachs are ever increasing as more lawsuits and subpoenas are
being filed against the bank. The legal blasts have rocked the firm’s stock interests,
causing unrest within. The bank came under fire when charged with fraud by the
Securities and Exchange Commission. A NY Criminal Lawyer has gotten word that
the firm is also under a criminal investigation by federal agents. Now, some shareholders
have filed lawsuits against Goldman claiming fiduciary duty breach, abuse of power,
mismanagement, frivolous spending, and unjust enhancement, and some criticize the
disclosure policies of the bank. Goldman’s connection to an insider trading charge
against a trader has led to the addition of a subpoena to the bank’s legal woes, reports a
NY Criminal Lawyer. This case is associated with another federal pursuit. The
barrage of legal attacks are exhausting the over 30,000 employees of the firm, and the
impact is reaching into the families as well. It stands to reason that employees are
concerned about the future of their company, and the financial toll these suits will cause.
There is no indication of just how long these proceedings could go on, and if the financial
institution will be able to withstand the onslaught. However, despite the accusations,
many of the clients have maintained their loyalty to the bank and executives, as have
employees. Goldman denies allegations that investors were intentionally misled by the
firm, according to a New York Criminal Lawyer. Executives are in hopes of a favorable
outcome for the bank and it’s supporters.

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