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Lil Wayne Head to Rikers Reports a Manhattan Criminal Lawyer

Lil Wayne is a popular rapper but for now, he has made his final appearance. And, this was not a performance by the rapper for fans. His fans and photographers did follow him into the courthouse. He reportedly caused quite a scene as he exited his automobile with his hood pulled over his head. Manhattan Criminal Lawyers report that Lil Wayne was rushed past the security line and he stepped through the metal detector, which should have been carried out with little fanfare.

However, because Lil Wayne is a celebrity and was appearing in court to plead guilty to attempted possession of a weapon that was found on his tour bus in 2007, normal procedures were altered. A Manhattan Criminal Lawyer reports that Lil Wayne plead guilty in exchange for a one-year sentence. This was the third time that his case was to appear before a judge. The first time a judge postponed the hearing so that Lil Wayne could receive dental care and the second time a fire in the courthouse caused the case to be rescheduled.

New York Criminal Lawyers report that the judge had to postpone the beginning of the hearing because people were entering the room and then apparently asked Lil Wayne if he had anything to say but was given a simple headshake answering the judge.

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