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A Nassau County Criminal Lawyer reports a NJ woman is convicted for perjury

In 2005, Biurny Perguero accused a man of abducting and violently raping her after she left a New York City night club. After numerous court dates, the man was sentenced to 20 years in prison. But in 2009 Biurny Perguero, who has since married and now goes by Biurny Perguero Gonzalez, has changed her story. She admitted to lying about the rape to gain sympathy from her friends who were angry she left them. She claims the friends were so mad, they screaming and hitting each other. She then kept the lies going until the accused man ended up in prison. According to a Nassau County Criminal Lawyer, she finally came clean to police after a priest urged her to do so. The man she accused spent four years in prison. She was sentenced to three years in prison in Manhattan Supreme Court; located at 100 Centre St., NY, NY 10013. She will be eligible for parole after one year.
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