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Man Arrested After Bedridden Wife Is Found Covered in Urine and Feces


A man was arrested earlier this month when his wife was found in bed, covered with urine and feces, according to a New York Criminal Lawyer.

The woman, who suffered from an illness that caused her to be bedridden, was supposedly under the care of her husband. However, authorities have determined that he left his wife alone in the bedroom for two to three days at a time.

The room in which the woman was found was reported to be in deplorable condition. Only one EMT, a female worker who was smaller in stature, managed to squeeze through a six inch gap in the doorway.

Neighbors had been concerned about the woman’s health and condition since the couple moved into the area about two years ago. Neighbors reported hearing the husband yelling at the woman on a regular basis. Concerns amongst the neighbors grew when the woman was seemingly disappeared during the summer. The husband reported that she was in a nursing home, but neighbors remained skeptical. When neighbors discovered an odor emanating from the home, authorities were alerted, said a NY Criminal Lawyer.

The woman is expected to recover from the alleged assault. She is currently a patient at a local hospital. She has filed a protective order against her husband; the decision for this order is still pending. Her husband us currently jailed, charged with abuse, neglect and unlawful imprisonment.

This is the second time in a year the woman had to be removed from the home. After the previous hospital stay, she was taken to a group home. It is unclear how or why she returned to her husband’s home.

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