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Billionaire in Texas has trial delayed, but prosecutors say two years is too long


A Texas billionaire who is accused of running a Ponzi scheme and milking several investors for an excess of $7 million dollars before he was done has been granted a delay in his trial, stated a New York Criminal Lawyer. But prosecutors are up in arms because the man’s attorneys are asking for a two year delay, which is by all accounts a very long time. 

Perhaps prosecutors are worried that by the time his trial finally gets underway, the intensity of his crime will have diminished and he will get a lesser sentence than if it happened right away. Perhaps that is just what the man’s legal counsel is hoping for. The man’s lawyers are now saying that he is mentally incompetent and is not able to stand trial at this time. Two years will give him enough time to sort out his issues and be able to represent himself in court. 

The NY Criminal Lawyer reports that delaying the trial for two years could backfire if more evidence against the accused is found between now and then. Though it would be nice to be able to postpone the inevitable, as most of us are wont to do, it is really in the best interests of all involved to get this case over with as rapidly as possible. The New York Criminal Lawyer also admitted that it does no good to tie a case up in court for two years that could be effectively settled in less time.

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