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Man charged with aggravated battery after domestic fight with girlfriend


A man who ignored his pregnant girlfriends request to turn off the television wishes now that he had paid more attention, according to a New York Criminal Lawyer. In her quest to be heard, the girlfriend apparently unplugged the television set in hope that her man would listen to what she was saying. That action caused an argument that led to much more than the man bargained for. 

Police were called to the apartment where the argument was occurring, said the NYC Criminal Lawyer, but when no one came to the door, they called local firemen to bring a ladder so that they could get up to the open second floor window where the argument was taking place. 
At that point, the owner of the apartment complex called the man, who then came to the door and finally confronted the police. 

It was noted that police observed fresh scratches on the pregnant girlfriend’s face, which they questioned. The woman revealed that after she had unplugged the television set, her boyfriend got angry and pushed her in the face. The man was then arrested and charged with aggravated battery. 

Reports by the NY City Criminal Attorney said that had the woman not been pregnant, the charges would have not been so severe, but since she was with child, the unborn baby was put at risk, upping the charges substantially. Because of her pregnancy, he has been charged with a felony. His trial is pending and more information will be made public once the dates have been set.

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