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Human jawbone washes up on Aruba beach, reopens old mysteries


A grisly discovery was made on an Aruba beach recently. A human jawbone washed up on the sands, opening old wounds to previous disappearances, explained a New York Criminal Lawyer. The remains were found by someone wandering the beach and turned in to local authorities. The jawbone is believed to be that of a white Caucasian female. A single tooth remained in the jawbone, and forensic tests are being used to try and determine the identity of the person. 

According to the New York City Criminal Lawyer, R. Fitchetta, the jawbone found is does not belong to a young girl that went missing from a senior class trip in 2005, as was at first suspected. It is interesting to note that fifteen tourists have disappeared while in Aruba vacationing in the last ten years, which is an astonishing number of mysteries that have yet to be solved. 

In 1998 a 23 year old woman disappeared off of a cruise ship while it was docking in Aruba, reports the New York Criminal Lawyer. She was last seen heading off down the hall of the cruise ship after saying goodnight to acquaintances while she was vacationing with her parents. The parents of the woman repeatedly claim that they got no real assistance from authorities in Aruba about their missing daughter. Thirteen years later and they are still no closer to finding out what happened to their daughter. 

Vacationing in other parts of the world can be risky, insists the N York Criminal Lawyer. Abductions and crimes are more difficult to track and solve when a foreigner is involved. Most vacationers expect that the same laws will apply in other countries as they are accustomed to in theirs, but it is increasingly becoming more clear that in instances like these missing tourists, it simply isn’t the case. 

Crimes can be committed anywhere and it can happen to anyone.

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