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Man Who Claims to Be Royalty Actually Con Man, says a New York Criminal Lawyer


A silver-tongued grafter who claimed to be royalty had to suffer jail like any common citizen after being charged in a $7 million Ponzi scheme. The Manhattan financier had fled to North Carolina when he learned he was under investigation, prosecutors told a New York Criminal Lawyer. Dressed like a commoner in Nike running shorts and a T-shirt, he was brought back to Manhattan to face charges of grand larceny, forgery, and securities fraud. The financier pleaded “not guilty” and was held without bail.
“His scheme involved all manner of deceit. He lied about who he was, how he was managing his clients’ finances. And he even forged back documents to back up his bogus story,” a district attorney told a New York Criminal Lawyer. The financier told his victims his companies ran investments for the royal family of Belgium, which could trace its ancestry back to the 14th century.
“He has a drop of blue blood, a very, very distant drop. But he told some people his father, the prince, had abdicated the throne, and tha this firm managed the finances of the [royal family’s] holdings,” a source informed a New York Criminal Lawyer. “He even put the family crest on his business card.”
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