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Panhandler Arrested for Assaulting Pedestrian, says a New York Criminal Lawyer


A Midtown panhandler was arrested for assaulting a pedestrian who refused to give her money when asked, authorities told a New York Criminal Lawyer.
The 40-year-old woman attacked the passer-by at Eighth Avenue and 30th Street at 7:30 a.m. on May 28, after her demand for cash from the pedestrian was turned down, police sources told a New York Criminal Lawyer. It is currently unknown whether the suspect has been responsible for any prior criminal activity or the exactly motivation for such drastic action.
The man continued to pass, so the panhandler attempted to strike him with a piece of wood, according to sources. The panhandler was soon apprehended by police and was charged with assault and weapon possession, a spokesman for a district attorney told a New York Criminal Lawyer.
The victim was treated for minor injuries and appears to require no further medical attention, sources informed New York Criminal Lawyers. No further information on the victim is available and the police are keeping any details regarding him or the rest of this case under wraps for the time being.
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