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Manhattan Cyclist Claims Cop Pulled Gun on Him


Police are now investigating the allegations of a Manhattan bicyclist who claims an off-duty NYPD officer pointed a gun at him during a traffic altercation. The 36-year-old bicyclist and his attorney told a New York Criminal Lawyer that the bicyclist was questioned about the incident.
“The matter is being investigated,” an NYPD deputy commissioner told a New York Criminal Lawyer. He did not provide any further details at that time. The bicyclist, a salesman from the Lower East Side claims he was riding through Greenwich Village late one Saturday night when the cop’s black Volkswagen GTI came close to side-swiping him.
The bicyclist says he tipped on the driver’s side window to alert the driver he was there, but the driver continued to squeeze him off in traffic. So, the bicyclist dismounted and approached the car. “As he rolled his window down, he points a gun at my face,” the bicyclist said. “No words were exchanged. I was just too stunned.”
He said he followed on his bike as he called 911. The operator told him to go back to the scene of the incident and wait for cops to arrive. As he rode home, he saw the car parked near marked NYPD cars.“They surround the car with their guns drawn and he rolls down the window and must have shown them his badge because they all lower their weapons,” he told a NYC Criminal Lawyer.
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