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Marine Acquitted in Haditha Case-Hire A New York Criminal Lawyer For Your Case

A Marine officer Andrew Grayson was alleged to have hidden evidence of multiple killings of over 20 Iraqi citizens. When the jury came back it had exonerated him of all wrongdoing in the matter. The Marine looked astonished after the jury acquittal came back. Over the past 24 months the First Lt. has been scrutinized and wrongfully charged for ordering the destruction of evidence. This scandal one of the largest in Military since the start of the Iraq war.

Grayson commented publically for the first time since his acquittal and was quoted as saying “I didn’t really believe it was going to end until they said not guilty,” “The case was so volatile, you didn’t know which way it was going to go.” From the start of the case, the Marine had always asserted he didn’t do this horrible crime and that he was not a criminal. Finally the jury in the military court gave him his freedom. He now is able to return to his unit and resume active duty in the core. After the verdict was announced, a roar exploded in the courtroom. The fundamental criminal charge was that Grayson was alleged to have ordered a fellow core man to destroy pictures on his computer of the deaths of the Iraqis. Obviously, the charges had no merit. The Judge ultimately, silenced the crowed court trying to maintain order. Grayson’s criminal lawyer had no comment after the case. This New York Criminal lawyer can tell you his criminal defense legal team did a great job convincing the jury of his innocence. There were 4 other marines who were also charged with murder as well as 4 officers who were alleged to have failed to investigate the fatalities. The bulk of those additional charges were dropped. There was no comment from their Criminal Lawyers. If you are accused of a crime in New York, you should act immediately and contact a New York Criminal Attorney. A criminal attorney will defend you and give you the best chance of proving your innocence.

The firm of Stephen Bilkis & Associates with convenient locations helps people throughout the Metropolitan Area, including Ozone Park, N.Y., and can be of invaluable assistance to you if you find yourself a defendant in a criminal action. Facing charges without professional representation could lead to disastrous results.

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