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Michael Lohan Fails to Pay Child Support

Lindsay Lohan has had a very public life. Her ups and downs are well catalogued in the press. Her life’s time line is nothing more than a series of newspaper clippings, each one showing a further slide into madness. What’s sad is that her life demonstrates that in our celebrity obsessed culture one celebrity’s parents can easily make news. Michael Lohan, the infamous father of the infamous starlet, had made the news, this time for having failed to pay child support (not to Lindsay, but to another child he has by a different woman), reports a New York Criminal Lawyer. There will likely be no pity paid to the man; after all, he and Linday’s mother are directly responsible for pushing their daughter into a dark world of drugs, fame, obsession, and decline. That he and the mother seem to crave the spotlight as much as their daughter should be no surprise.

And a New York judge didn’t care one bit. The judge told Michael Lohan point blank: pay your child support or your going back to jail, noted a New York Criminal Lawyer. Lohan’s defense is questionable. Claims the famed father, he was on parole when the Montana based woman declared him the father, and because he was on parole he never had the opportunity to challenge the results, said a New York Criminal Lawyer. He then states that he was late on paying support most recently because of financial troubles? Kidnapping? No. Because of the November 2nd elections, said a New York Criminal Lawyer.

Failure to pay child support can result in jail time and a New York Criminal Attorney can help. If you find yourself behind on child support call today.

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