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3 Marines Charged With Selling Guns to Gangs


Every day they woke at the break of dawn and put on their perfectly pressed uniforms. They stood at attention when it was demanded of them. They learned to kill while not giving up their humanity. They were nothing but masses of flesh at first but slowly became the best a man could be. Marines. The top of the United States of America’s military machine. The first to arrive, the last to leave. Defenders of country and freedom, the world over. Men of duty and honor.

And that’s why it is all the more sad that three retired Marines have been arrested for selling high grade weapons and gun to L.A. gangs, said a New York Criminal Lawyer. This comes on the heels of reports that state a former Navy Seal in San Diego was charged with smuggling guns from Iraq to the streets of America. Weapons used in the war on terror, noted a New York Criminal Lawyer. Weapons of defense. Weapons paid for by the men and women of America. Weapons trusted to those charged with defending our freedom. And now weapons brought stateside to hunt down and kill American civilians are part of ridiculous gang wars, reports a New York Criminal Lawyer.

All of the men charged deny the charges, with one man claiming to be nothing more than a gun collector, said a New York Criminal Lawyer. The sting operation was carried out by the ATF and caught the men dead to rights with the guns in hand as they sold them to gang members.

Gun offenses are dangerous and often result in long prison sentences. If you’ve been charged with a gun based offense contact a New York Criminal Attorney today.

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