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Mother is arrested driving drunk in a school zone


A mother was driving drunk in a school zone this last week in front of an elementary school. She was obviously under the influence after being seen crashing into a stop sign and then continuing to get in line at school in order to pick up her daughter from the elementary school according to a school crossing guard.

The Florida Highway Patrol responded to this accident as it was initially called in as a hit and run, explained a New York Criminal Lawyer. The school crossing guard actually recognized the woman and immediately called the school to notify them.

Of course all this happened at about 3:00 as students where being dismissed for the day from school. The Florida Highway Patrol found this lady waiting in line ready to pick up her daughter from the school as they responded to this call. At that time the police took her into custody and tested her blood alcohol level. She was well above the legal limit as she took the breath test. This mother tested at 2 ½ times the legal limit.

The legal limit is set at .08 and this lady had a blood alcohol level of .20. She wasn’t just charged with a DWI but the arrest included the fact that she had committed a hit and run by not stopping after running over the stops sign. This caused a lot of anger and outrage from the other parents waiting in line to pick up their children.

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