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Mouthy children get shot and killed by their mother


A 16 year old girl and a 13 year old boy are shot and killed after talking back to their 50 year old new mom, as reported by a New York Criminal Lawyer. The mom didn’t deny the shooting and killing of these two children.

The mom was already confronted once by police a few months earlier when they went to her residence for an abuse call. The mom would slap her children in the face for talking back. The police couldn’t really do anything at that time for lack of evidence. A police spokeswoman said that this seemed like a normal incident of high tension between a frustrated mom and teenage children. The police didn’t think this woman would eventually shoot her children.

The daughter had been going to a school counselor because of her own lashing out at her mom. She regretted how bad she had talked to and treated her mother. The counselor did say that she was told the mom would sometimes slap the children in the face for talking back. This really frustrated the teen girl who was used to being grounded for discipline and not hit. The counselor told the teen that a mother should not be slapping anybody in the face.

The hitting did continue to get worse. One time the mom hit the girl in the face for about 30 seconds on the way home. Once home she tried to continue hitting her but the teen caught her mom’s hand, stopped the hitting and decided to stand up to her mother instead of allowing her to keep physically abusing her.

The mom is a step-mom and not the birth mom. The children would often tell the mom that she was not their mom and this lead to more hitting and helped increase the frustration felt from the mom and the children.

After shooting her children, this 50 year old Tampa lady is being held without bond until her trial. The trial date has not been set and she is being help in a Florida State Correctional Facility.

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