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New Jersey Transit Ordered to Pay Abused Woman say New York Criminal Lawyers

In a jury trial, two officers faced charges of sexually assaulting a woman outside the Jersey City PATH train station four years ago. The officers had previously pleaded guilty to misconduct and served less than a year in jail. They men admitted that they had engaged in sexual acts with the woman but that it was consensual. New York Criminal Lawyers report that the woman was inebriated when this episode took place.

Now, a jury has ruled that the NJ Transit was responsibility for the conduct of the officers specifically because one of the officers had already faced charges of making inappropriate comments about rape to a passenger. After that incident, the evaluation from that indicated that the man should undergo psychiatric treatments reports New York Criminal Lawyers.

Between the two men, a year in jail, various others reprimands for sexually explicit behavior and then the suggestion that one of them receive psychiatric treatment should have been enough to prevent the two from remaining on the payroll with the New Jersey Transit. According to the some New York Criminal Lawyers, the New Jersey Transit did not respond to calls for comments.

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