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Killer sentenced for death of Realtor, says a Long Island Criminal Lawyer


A murderer convicted of killing a popular Realtor was sentenced to 27 1/3 years to life in
prison. The killer was unrepentant as she faced the family of her victim, even smirking
some in the courtroom, according to Long Island Criminal Lawyers. She was found guilty of
beating her former employer, Linda Stein, to death for which she received the maximum
sentence of 25 years to life, and for stealing $30,000, adding 2 1/3 to 7 years to her
punishment. The victim’s family addressed the defendant directly in court, but could not
get even a single glance in their direction from her. A Long Island Criminal Lawyer says the
accused sat coldly, refusing to look at the daughters of the deceased. The woman had
served as a personal assistant to the Realtor before the incident. One of the victim’s two
daughters found her beaten body in a penthouse on the upper East Side. The killer
insisted that the trial was unfair, and that she was not represented with competence.
Her newly hired defense attorney shared with New York Criminal Lawyers that his client
was innocent and pleaded with the judge for mercy. The judge was not swayed, and said
he would discourage any chance of parole. The family of the killer confronted one of the
daughters of the Realtor outside the courtroom and suggested she was responsible for
the death of her mother. This allegation and the lack of emotion from their mother’s
slayer traumatized the sisters even more.

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