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New York Criminal Defense Lawyer tells of Queens, NY man setting house on fire in and Assualting a woman in Forest Hills

Queens County Police captured 49 year old Vipan Chandler after he set fire to a home on 64th Street in Forest Hills, NY. They reported that Chandler went to the home of a couple that he knew and threw gasoline over the front door to their home. He then lit the fire and took off. The home owners were able to put out the fire themselves and called Queens County Police. While police were taking the report, Chandler drove past the house. The victims noticed him driving and pointed him out to the cops. They quickly took down his license plate number, but he was able to get away. Chandler returned to the home he tried to burn down later that night and assaulted the home owner, leaving her with lacerations on her face. She was taken to the hospital for treatment. Officers found Chandler on the Grand Central Parkway after the second incident. When he tried to stop him, he ran the officers over with his vehicle. One officer was injured so badly he needed to stay in the hospital overnight. Queens County Police managed to get Chandler into custody. They have not released the mental state of Chandler. He will be arraigned in Queens County Criminal Court; located at 125-01 Queens Blvd. Kew Gardens NY 11415. He is being charged with numerous felonies and misdemeanors including attempted murder, arson and assault.
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