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New York Criminal Lawyer reports Ex-Yankees star Leyritz faces assault charges.

Jim Leyritz once a Yankee star is in custody once more. He was arrested for assault after allegedly hitting his mate. The cops were summoned to his house in Davie, FL. Karrie Leyritz claims that Jim hit her in the mouth after entering the home. Her stories to police though, were conflicting. She claimed two different scenarios to the police which throw some doubt on her claims. The couple has been having fights over custody and child support. There were signs of violence in the house but nothing which proves that Leyritz committed the crimes his ex says he did. Karrie Leyritz was drinking that very night and the children were not disturbed during the incident between their parents. The manslaughter charge that he is facing is scheduled for trial in the next couple of months. He is now facing domestic violence charges as well.

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