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NY Defense Lawyer reports daughter facing murder charges after assaulting her father

Brigitte Harris was 27 years old when she was arrested for the assault and murder of her father Eric Goodridge, 55. She had left her Rockaway, NY home and called the police to inform them there was a dying man in the house. She did not say that she bound and gagged the man, then castrated him and left him to bleed. Goodridge suffocated before the police could respond to his daughter’s call. Queens County Police arrived to find Goodridge handcuffed with a towel shoved in his mouth. The scalpel Harris used to castrate him was still in the room. Harris burned Goodridge’s castrated penis in the oven before she left the house, fearing paramedics would be able to reattach it. Queens County Police caught Harris after she checked herself into a hospital for psychiatric evaluation. She was arrested and taken to Queens County Supreme Court, where her bail was remanded. Harris is now on trial for numerous felony charges including murder, tampering with evidence and manslaughter. Trial is set to continue in Queens County Supreme Court, which is located at 125-01 Queens Blvd. Kew Gardens NY 11415.
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