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New York policeman being sued for discrimination


A New York Police commander is being sued for sexual discrimination by one of his former assistants, reports a New York Discrimination Lawyer. The commander stands accused of having an affair with his former Compstat assistant and part-time driver. To make matters worse, he has just admitted to having lied under oath. According to a New York Criminal Lawyer, he had previously denied the affair while under oath at a deposition.

After the commander found out that the city’s Law Department would no longer be representing him, his lawyer issued a statement that the accused wished to clarify his prior statement and that he had indeed had an affair with his former underling. The woman he is said to have had an affair with has not been named, as she is not the defendant in the case, but it is rather another officer saying that the commander discriminates against female police officers that he supervises.

The main form of discrimination appears to have come in the benefits bestowed upon his alleged mistress, how is said to have received additional overtime and the ability to make her own schedule. No word as of yet as to whether the commander will be charged for perjuring himself during his deposition, according to a New York Criminal Lawyer.

If you have been the victim of sexual discrimination, the best option available to you would be to enlist the services of a New York Discrimination Attorney. Discrimination in the workplace is not acceptable, and only an experienced New York Discrimination Attorney can fight for your right to a professional work environment.

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