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One-Time Beauty Queen Busted for Cocaine Deal Says A New York Criminal Lawyer

The Harlem drug-dealing legend, Frank Lucas, obviously taught his ex-wife the business but not how to avoid the law. He was immortalized in “American Gangster” but his ex-wife has now been busted for trying to make drug deals for herself. According to New York Criminal Lawyers, Juliana Farrait-Rodriquez has been arrested for trying to move kilos of cocaine in Puerto Rico.

Per the movie, Frank Lucas was thought to have made millions by selling drugs in the streets of New York City. Now, the former Mrs. Lucas has been caught by DEA agents in Isla Verde Carolina, Puerto Rico for following in his footsteps. Sadly, the former Mrs. Lucas was making an attempt to push two kilograms of cocaine into Puerto Rico. But, according to a New York Criminal Lawyer, the ultimate landing place for the drugs was New York City.

If the movie accurately tells the story, Lucas was a simple country boy who married the Puerto Rican beauty queen. The drug operation that Lucas was responsible for collapsed in 1975 when he was sent to prison for forty years.New York Criminal Lawyers indicate that he was released in 1991 and that Farrait-Rodriquez served five years in the original drug case but faces charges again now.

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