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Robbers of Repair Shop Could Possibly Get 40 Years Reports a Westchester County Criminal Lawyer

Two men entered a repair shop with the intention of robbing the business. Unfortuantely for these two, an off-duty cop was inside. The men entered the store and demanded that everyone empty their pockets. Westchester County Criminal Lawyers expect the men to get four years in jail.

The two men were convicted by a jury for attempted murder in the second degree and attempted robbery in the first degree. One of the men pointed his gun at a civilian and the off-duty detective identified himself and drew his weapon. One of the robbers began firing at the NYPD veteran. The NYPD detective was a better shot than the robbers as once he began shooting, he hit the robber in the neck. The other robber began firing and then attempted to escape reports a Westchester County Criminal Lawyer.

The detective gave chase and managed to catch him shortly after. Once in custody of the off-duty officer, the man was picked up and could face 40 years in prison for the botched robbery. New York Criminal Lawyers report that presences of the off-duty officer was a huge misfortune for the criminals.

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