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Pete Doherty Sent to Jail for 14 Weeks – Do You Need A Long Island Criminal Lawyer?


Pete Doherty was incarcerated for three months for violation of his probation, this according to his record company said.

The Rock Star will have to rearrange his touring schedule. He was supposed to appear at The Albert Hall in April and the Glastonbury festival in the summer but because of his sentencing in London these gigs will have to be cancelled or postponed until Doherty is released from prison.

According to the musician’s management there were many reasons the singer/songwriter had been taken to the clink. He was late for many of his probation hearings,The manager informed reporters. Doherty who is known to be a drug abuser spends a great deal of time in court hearings and now will spend time in prison. Doherty is twenty nine years of age.

Earlier he admitted to many criminal offences and did not have to serve time. His sentence was suspended.

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Doherty later issued a public apology after being filmed taking heroin, having just told a music magazine that he was overcoming his addiction. He called that relapse a “stupid, stupid action for which I feel only shame.”

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