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Sandler Pal Popped for Pap Fight-Don’t get caught in this type of situation with out a New York Criminal Defense Lawyer


Covert was jailed by Los Angeles Police and led to the Wilshire Division police station. The actor, however, was not charged. Law enforcement says the case is still being investigated.

The actor who has co-starred with his pal Adam Sandler in a number movies was taken by police when he had a fight with a photographer. He was arrested and made to leave the set where he is working on yet another movie with Sandler. Sandler was not available for comment.

Allen was arrested by police while on the set of “Bedtime Stories.” He was accused of battery and was let go a short time later.

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Apparently Covert got out of wack when he suspected that a photographer was annoying him by taking shots of his son. He accosted the pap and tried to break the guy’s camera. All of the took place outside the high school where they were filming.

Covert yelled at the man and also spat at him.

Sandler was on but was preoccupied with his little girl who was with him on the set. Others involved in the picture saw the whole thing as it took place. Co-stars Guy Pearce and Courteney Cox-Arquette were not involved but saw what happened.

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