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Police Arrest Stepmother for Murder


Even though the body of a 10-year old disabled girl has been found, authorities have not had any luck finding the girl’s severed head. The girl’s stepmother has been charged with killing the girl and dismembering her body, reports a New York Criminal Lawyer. Law enforcement officials were able to locate the girl’s body with assistance from the stepmother, who has been charged with the murder.

The stepmother, who has also been accused of abusing the girl prior to her death, appears to show little remorse for her actions. The girl, born in Australia, developed bone cancer when she was young and lost one of her legs and much of her hearing. She lived with her father and stepmother in the United States. Her biological mother still lives in Australia. Neighbors, friends and others report having seen bruises on the girl and also witnessed verbal and emotional abuse. The stepmother was apparently married to another man when she married the girl’s father. The man lived across the street from the girl and her family and pretended to be the stepmother’s brother.

Even though she was reported missing on October 9th of last year, law enforcement officials believe the girl went missing earlier than that. At the end of October, law enforcement found the girl’s prosthetic leg and were able to identify it as hers using the manufacturer’s serial number. Skeletal remains were found on November 3 and in the days that followed.

In addition to the kidnap and murder her stepdaughter, the stepmother also forged a ransom note. The ransom note asked for 1 million dollars. The stepmother is also being charged with hindering an investigation because police had to spend time to determine whether the note was real. The father has not been charged with any crime even though the stepmother has accused him of inappropriate behavior after the girl’s remains were discovered.

While charges are pending against the stepmother, formal charges have not been filed because the girl’s head has not yet been recovered. It is hopeful that the stepmother will reveal the location of the severed head so the girl may be put to rest in a compassionate manner. So far, the stepmother has shown little guilt or remorse for her actions and instead blames the girl and the father for her behavior.

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